Same Sex Marriages In The United States

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Sixteen states ban same-sex marriage, some by constitutional amendment,some by law,and the majority by both. In 1970,in the state of Minnesota, Jack Baker and Michael McConnell were the first same-sex couple in the United States to ever be denied the right to obtain marriage. Today,the two men are still together and are still planning to their marriage granted and tie the knot. Same-sex marriage is legal in thirty-seven states and the District of Columbia. It is banned in the other seven states remaining. However,there are still six states left that have the court rulings on same-sex marriage bans are still being pondered over on whether they should be declared unconstitutional or not. Same-sex marriages should be legal because individuals …show more content…
Divorce rates in Massachusetts have dropped and are now the lowest in the country ( Thompson 24) . “Divorces of same-sex marriages and dissolution of civil unions remain a challenge for same-sex couples in many states.” ( Thompson 69) . Divorce laws generally depend on the state or states of residence,rather than the state where the marriage was granted . Same-sex couples who live in a state where same-sex marriages are allowed may obtain a divorce according to the laws of that state,regardless of where the marriage was granted . Same-sex couples who were married or in civil unions could also dissolve their legal relationship . Same-sex couples living in states that do not allow same-sex marriages often cannot have their divorce be recognized in their home state because the marriage is not recognized, even for the limited purpose of divorce ( Thompson 70) . No matter if their marriage is recognized or not,same-sex couples can still have a divorce taken to court and granted ,because they have their own rights and privileges as any other opposite-sex …show more content…
They think that everyone on this earth should all stay committed to God and that marriage should stay between an opposite-sex couple (Parrella) . However, same-sex marriage between same-sex couples should be allowed ,because all humans,no matter their sexuality,were all created by God to be equal,not different from one another. Also,people should not let discriminators take away from their freedoms of who they should love and marry. When people that support same-sex marriage protest to have same-sex marriage legalized, they still have people discriminate their choice in

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