Homosexuals In The United States

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Throughout the years, the United States has faced many social issues. One issue that, which has stuck with the nation for decades are the protest and political speaks about gay marriage and lesbians in our community. The population has grown and society opinions tend to become more negative as years go by. Considering, it has been a huge problem in Supreme Courts throughout history of the United States. I tend to think to myself it should not have to be a problem. Gays and lesbians deserve to have the exact same rights as heterosexual women and men have. Society today is too quick to judge before getting to know someone, and that is what is wrong with our society today. In fact, while society is agreeing to barred and banned gay marriages, …show more content…
In recent years there has been an outpouring of protest across the country. Demonstrators on both sides have adamantly displayed their belief which has raised awareness and tension. In the article the author states, “A new study led by a researcher at Indiana University suggest that heterosexuals are generally supportive of legal benefits for same-sex couples, but doesn’t want to see those couples display affection in public”(Geiger, Kim). It is my opinion that as a society based as a whole most people views this attitude. I do not agree with this concept and believe all couples regardless of sexual orientation should be able to display affection towards one another without the fear of retaliation or harm to them. Public display of affection by same sex couples causes issues all over the world. In 2006, “Zimbabwee passed legislation that makes it a crime for two people of the same sex to kiss, hug, or hold hands and Zimbabwee’s current leader, president Robert Mugabe, has publicly stated that gays are worse than dogs and pigs and has urged members of his party to the homosexuals and bring them to the police to be arrested”(Mittelstaedt, Emma)353-86. Not all countries possess this type of hatred and thought process. However, we are in the 21st century and this type of biased and bigoted behavior does exist. Emma states in her article that, “Laws that protect sexual minorities are clearly a necessary condition but not necessarily a sufficient one”(Mittelstaedt, Emma 353-86). Clearly, public display of affection by same sex couples causes issues for many people. This is an issue addressed internationally and is not focused solely on the soil of the United

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