Essay on The Restless Quest For Health Care Act

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The restless quest for health care services in the Unites States has been unproductive over the past decades, especially for the racial and ethnic minorities. The unfair distribution of health privileges among African American has generated significant health disparities. More than four million uninsured African American families are predisposed to chronic health issues such as obesity, diabetes, hypertension, cancer, and sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). Alienated by the former health care policymakers and depleted financially by the exploitation of unfavorable health care insurance companies, the underserved population has witnessed the deprivation of their constitutional right to health care access. In response to the prevalence of the deteriorated health trends and the continuous prejudice within the low-income black community, President Obama along with the participation of the Congress and other authorities have enacted in 2010 the Affordable Health Care Act (ACA) whose fundamental purpose delineate the allocation of preventive health care services, public health programs, and community health resources. “The ACA requires states to establish procedures to conduct outreach to and enroll vulnerable and underserved populations eligible for medical assistance and to include racial and ethnic minorities” (DiPietro & Klingenmaier, 2013, p. 29). With the initiation of the 2010 ACA, the health care accessibility and affordability has positively evolved to accommodate the…

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