The Relationship Of Banker And Customer Essay

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The relationship amongst Banker and Customer is primarily that of an account holder and loan boss. In any case, they likewise share different connections.

A portion of the critical connections they share are portrayed underneath.

The Banker Customer relationship is that of a:

Debtor and Creditor,
Pledger and Pledgee,
Licensor and Licensee,
Bailor and Bailee,
Hypothecator and Hypothecatee,
Trustee and Beneficiary,
Agent and Principal,
Advisor and Client, and
Other miscellaneous relationships
Talked about beneath are imperative investor Customer connections.

1. Relationship of Debtor and Creditor

At the point when a Customer opens a record with a bank and if the record has a credit parity, then the relationship is that of indebted person (financier/bank) and leaser (Customer).

If there should arise an occurrence of investment funds/settled store/current record (with credit adjust), the investor is the indebted person, and the Customer is the lender. This is on account of the financier owes cash to the Customer. The Customer has the privilege to request back his cash at whatever point he needs it from the Banker, and the financier must reimburse the parity to the Customer.

If there should arise an occurrence of advance/advance records, Banker is the loan boss, and the Customer is the indebted person in light of the fact that the Customer owes cash to the investor. The Banker can request the reimbursement of credit/advance on the due date, and the Customer needs…

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