The Relationship Between Leadership And Management In The Tourism Industry

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In this essay it will be discussed the relationship between leadership and management in the tourism industry and using examples, to discuss your own arguments against industry examples such as Richard Branson.

In order to define the management style is managing an organisation and to manage the employees on the contrary in their workplace and depends on the characteristics of the employees. Management maintains the employee who works in the workplace, also focus on the people who work with the company or with other people. Management controls the leader of being a manager and to trust the leader.

In contrast leadership is different from management

The term leadership are exceptional people, who born with inniate qualities, declined to
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Management is which when you control a manager in the workplace. Management is the style of the manner in which organisation manages the employees and their workplace and depends on the characteristics of the employees. On the point of management, the managers evaluate the employees in the workplace equally on communications, motivations, being responsible and also having a good set of goals even directions. “Managers are people who do things right, to be done. Bennis and Nanus (1985, p21)

Richard Branson leadership styles are to be a good leader and sincerely of interesting people and to see if the people have good leadership skills in the workplace. “Assemble a great management team that has a vision, passion and a real sense of ownership”,” Looks for leaders who listen to both to employees and customers” (Branson 2010).

Even though Richard Branson, he is more a leadership style rather than manager because he looks for the future rather than at the past such as a successful business, finding the right people, he said that employees or people is to follow their passion, and trusting to have a good communication with others in the workplace or in his own company such as
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Furthermore is to set goals for being responsible for the employees and the company who works for him. He has different types of roles in leadership styles such as excellent leadership the quality of being outstanding as extremely good and achieving the targets.” Find the fun in your business”. (Branson) “One needs resolve and conviction to overcome hurdles and give people confidence to follow you”. In this quote, he is showing people how to be good leaders in resolving the issue and to be overcome a well and excellent

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