The Rehabilitation Program For The Rehab Program Essay

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Patient is a 45-year-old female who sustained a left-sided CVA with right-sided hemiparesis. She lives in a 3-story house with her daughter. She is currently on medical leave from her job as human resources manager. She has prior history of CVA and she is also diabetic. She plans on returning to her job and regain her independence. She also expressed that she want to live close to normal life. After her hospitalization, the patient has been receiving occupational therapy services at a skilled nursing facility. The rehab program will last for 12 weeks addressing any deficits so that that patient can be functionally independent again. The patient is currently on the third week of the rehabilitation program.

Current level of function: Right side function is slowly coming back. Patient is able to perform ungraded upper extremity function. Patient is able to grasp objects and can isolate finger movements, although weakness is observed and noted. The patient has poor standing balance.

Treatment Precautions

• Fall risk
• Sensation on the RUE is diminished
• Proprioception on the right side is impaired
• Visual impairment (hemianopsia)
• Constructional apraxia
• Paresis on the right side of the body.
• Patient tends to choke on liquids
• Patient displays impulsivity.

Occupational Therapy Problems & Treatment Goals
1. Dressing – UE/LE dressing is one of the areas that should be addressed. Due to weakness on the right side and moderate dressing apraxia, donning and doffing of…

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