End-Stage COPD Case Study

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1. Describe the procedure/surgery and/or treatment and include associated complications
I assisted in the care of two patients while in the critical care unit today. One of my patients was suffering from end-stage chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, while the other was experiencing an outbreak of shingles.
The patient with end-stage COPD was a 57-year-old female patient, who has been hospitalized for shortness of breath related to her COPD numerous times in the past few months. Throughout my time on the floor the patient experienced exacerbations, which dropped her oxygen saturation to below 80% at times. Despite the severity of her condition, the patient remained in high spirits and requested a full code status. This paient required assistance with activities of daily
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Describe nursing assessments and interventions to include medications related to the procedure, surgery or treatment. Special attention should be made to the use of sterile technique, positioning, bodily systems involved, and type of patient monitoring in the OR, PACU and respiratory. Be sure to describe the type of wounds and type of healing.
The shift assessment I preformed on the patient with end-stage COPD was very congruent with the expected findings. I noted bilateral crackles, diminished capillary perfusion, low oxygen saturation, and increased anterior-posterior diameter upon assessment. Due to the patient’s status, frequent respiratory assessments were a necessity. In addition to the many lower respiratory medications I administered, I also administered a subcutaneous injection of heparin due to the patient’s lack of mobility.
My patient with shingles required a thorough head to toe skin assessment to monitor the progression of the disease, and her response to pharmacological therapy. At the beginning of my shift the patient’s lesions looked non-characteristic of the diagnosis, however by the end of shift they had developed into the fluid-filled blisters associated with the

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