The Reflection Of Toni Morrison And Frederick Douglass

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In first year seminar, many discussions helped me in many ways to help me make conscious decisions. I came to class wanting to learn more about my heritage, people my kind, and what other people thoughts were. I came to college with an open mind without any background knowledge on anything from past history. I was enlightened when I came to class and there was a mixed class of whites and blacks who all was interested in the same thing, and eager to learn more.
In first year seminar, there was various topics that we went over that was deals with the world, or somethings that majority can say they can relate. First unit we was on the book Frederick Douglass. One of the most interesting things to me in the book was how Frederick and his
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Race is a huge important discussion that we still converse about. This topic hit home to many people. Talking about race was something that made everyone think twice about. How easy is it to live in the world being black or white? We watched an interview of Toni Morrison 's reaction to being black in an commuity. She spoke very passionately about the line of race and color. She spoke on her father’s protection. It’s been looked at as the white men was trying to tear blacks down emotionally, mentally, and physically. The skin color was hated by others other than blacks. There was a huge debate on the right skin color. The lighter versus the darker. During the slave times if you was lighter you’ll be able to be a house slave while the darker people are outside slaves. This taught me many things as a black African American in a mixed society. It taught me that it does not really matter the color of your skin to be better. In class we witnessed many African American people overcoming the world’s statistics. We also watched a video in class on The Trip To The Grocery Store how a lady was treated differently because she was black. The cashier was showing racism. The cashier was showing favoritism to white people not knowing the lady she was handling was a lighter shade of black. Her actions made me feel disrespected because once it gets to an African American women she immediately judged her. She made the assumption that she was broke and just treated her like she did not amount to anything. The African American women’s sister stepped in and stood up for her sister because she noticed that the cashier was being unfair. This example shows how people look at blacks and how the prejudge us to being either thieves all the way to being uneducated. During this topic the class got in a debate on white power versus black power. Taylor and Aria shared their thoughts on it. We

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