Crime In Society: Race, Gender, And Class

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We must ask ourselves, who gets to be a “real” victim? Race, gender, and class all play into this question. People of color are often seen more on the criminal side due to our white supremacy society and displayed clearly in the Central Park 5 case. Women are often blamed when they are the victim due to our patriarchal society as shown through the act of victim blaming and questioning what they were wearing to promote cat-calls or other unwanted attention. Lower class people are often not allowed to be the victim either as we, as a society, often look down on them and make judgements about them in regards to their behavior and morals. These characteristics all culminate into the criminalization of these individuals, often using them to past judgement without the presents of facts. We use what we see of how a person looks, dresses, acts, and lives in order to determine where to place them in society. …show more content…
The fact that race and class can provide evidence about the amount of crime a society will have shows how deeply racialized and classist our society is. There is little class movement as first explored with economic inequality and little opportunities for higher education as discussed with educational inequalities. These add up to creating a biased system, a system that sets people up for a predetermined destiny of crime and criminal activity. All the historical, geographical, and racial contexts we have seen with the previous issues has lead this issue of

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