Race Is Socially Constructed Essay

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Many aspects of our lives are socially constructed. Our Society builds many things that people begin to render as true. One of these social construction is the development of race. Race is socially constructed not biological. Race is a socially constructed category of people who share biologically transmitted traits that member of society consider important. Race is a social thing not biological basis. Here is why.
Race is socially constructed and it was created based on people’s physical attributes. For example people are categorized on skin color, hair texture, facial feature and body shape. While race is based on peoples physically appearance. People’s physical appearance are adapted to the regions they live in. For example, people living
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Meaning that there was no single genetic where all Africans have one variant and all Europeans have one. This clearly shows through genetics aren’t able to identify people races based on biological stand points. Race is a socially constructed thing not biological.
Starting of scientist crated three races to be able to categorize people. There three races were: Caucasoid people with lighter skin and a fine hair, Negroid people with darker skin and course hair and Mongoloids people with brown or yellow skin and distinctive folds on eyelids. This goes to show that these races were made up based on physical appearance. The creation of these three races was not based of the biological aspect. Race was created by people to divided and place people into different categories. Race is just a label people created. With this label placed onto people it created a division amongst groups of people. Race segregation quickly developed and was a main cause of this creation. The development of race sparked racial segregation this occurred during slavery by the whites
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The first reason is the United States it such a large diverse population. Diverse groups because from the start of the United Stated there were people from all over. This being said people in the United Stated is so intermixed there isn’t a way to define and pick out every one race, no clean cut race. People in the United States are not one full race due to the diverse nation the United States has been since the beginning. To show how mixed the United States is in the 2011 U.S. census has 8.2 million people describe themselves as two or more racial categories. Race can also fluctuates and change. Another reason being because people in the United States are so mixed of different race people can look a certain way yet signify with a different race, and since this can happen race cannot be proven. Meaning people cannot claim someone’s race as wrong. If race was biological then there wouldn’t be so many debates on who is what race because there would be a way to prove what race people are without physical characteristics. An example of this predicament is many debated over MSNBC Karen Finney as black or not. People were arguing based on her physical appearance. This shows that race is created based only on peoples physical appearance nothing biologically categorized people. Unable to clearly clarify people races shows that it is socially

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