Essay On Racial Inequality

Racial inequality is a major problem in the USA and has only seemed to continue growing. When we take a look at the history of America we see it to be riddled with misfortune for those who have some pigmentation in their skin. African made in to slaves, Asians lured under pretenses of money only to end up in mines or working on the railroad tracks, Latinos escaping the cartel to end up being pushed around, and the list goes on. We see the Latino and Black community being smeared while the white community is depicted as successful, and above the violence. The cultural development that I have noticed in the past twenty five years is the racial inequality that our own citizens are facing every day. Though the media does sensationalize a majority …show more content…
These inequalities are brought on by something the victim has no say over, their skin color. If we take a look at the news today we are bombarded with the cases of Trayvon Martin, Eric, Garner, and so many more young black men being murdered in the street. Trayvon Martin was a 17 year old black boy, killed by George Zimmerman. Martin lost his life shortly after Zimmerman called 911 to report Martin as “suspicious” while Martin was walking to his dad’s housel ate at night . The emergency operator specifically told Zimmerman to leave Martin alone, he pursued anyway. From there an altercation broke out, and Martin had his life stolen from him. Would Trayvon still be alive today had he been a young white male walking late at night? Martin was profiled, followed, assaulted, and murdered by Zimmerman. The fact that the murder rate for blacks is four times the national average speaks volumes The fact that this is not an isolated incident and continues to happen every day shows the racial inequality in America. We see similarities in the Michael Dunn murder trial, Walter Scott, and many more cases that equally if not just as horrifying and brutal as the murder of Trayvon Martin. Though media attention is currently settled on Black lives, the Latino community is not without its

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