White Privilege Definition

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I think about white privilege all the time, it is hard not to when it is all around you. White privilege is a phrase that is being used a lot these days. I believe it is something that exists. In my opinion I think that white people get way more opportunities and much more of a free pass than those in the minority. The concept of privilege highlights the fact that systems of inequality like racism, sexism, homophobia, cissexism, classism, etc. are not just problems for those who are oppressed. We are all embedded in these systems of inequality. (Klement 7) White privilege is hidden but transparent at the same time and people have been so afraid to touch upon it for fear of what might happen. Now our eyes are being opened to the issues that …show more content…
bell hooks examines how in the academic world when ‘blackness’ is being written, it is often represented by white minds who have not experienced the lives of a black mind. Through their articles, they strive to end the oppression that both sides face when it comes to white privilege and whiteness. I think in their articles they are addressing all those who do not believe in this divide, those individuals who believe the term ‘white privilege’ was only constructed in order to bring down the white race. For McIntosh, racism is taught as a binary which puts another at a disadvantage. McIntosh’s “White Privilege: Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack” talks about the ignorant bliss of the white lives because for so long they have been viewed as the superior race. She defines ‘white privilege’ as "an invisible package of unearned assets which I can count on cashing in each day, but about which I was 'meant' to remain oblivious." White privilege in a sense is like being born with a knapsack full of special tools and advantages. (Klement 7) I think that some people try to convince themselves that this privilege is non-existent perhaps because they do not want to deal with the issues at hand. Intersectionality plays a role in their own perspectives of race and racism because they don’t view race as a thing that exists. McIntosh was taught to recognize racism only when individuals act viciously towards another member of a group. (Mcintosh 4) She believes that disapproving of the system will not change things but instead racism could end if white individuals changed their attitude and outlook on such

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