Racial And Ethnic Inequality Essay

The second reaction paper I decided to write about is racial and ethnic inequality in America. Around the world, America is known as the melting pot of different cultures. When people think about America, people think that everyone has freedom and equality. Yet most people do not think about that America has a strong history of racial and ethnic inequality. In America, people do not like minorities coming in large numbers therefore they are often mistreated. People tend to have prejudice thoughts and have social distance towards different groups of people. In America, people face discrimination in which they have a hard time to achieve a good life.
In America, people do not like minorities coming to their country because they feel that they might take
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Chicago has a strong history of social distance because there are many neighborhoods that have specific groups of people living in the area. Specific groups of minorities tend to live with their own because they are afraid that they might not fit in living in a different area. Now Chicago has some areas where different group of people are living next to each other. As time went on people started to accept other races and started to accept welcome one and other. Only the Muslim community is not really accepted by the other communities because of the 9/11 attacks. John says, “prejudice is any rigid and unfounded generalization about an entire category of people” (82). People start to hate Muslims because of a group of Muslim extremist. When Muslims go to the airport, they tend to be mistreated by going through extra security checks. Most people tend to think that Muslims are dangerous and should be careful when interacting with them. I think Muslims are treated this way is because of how the media portray Muslim in a certain way and people make generalizations by listening to the media

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