The Reasons Why I Write Essay

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There are many reasons why I write. I write to share information with people. I write to stay in touch with friends and family although this is a rare occurrence; emailing or calling is much quicker. I write to reminisce about events in my life, both the important ones and the insignificant ones. I write in order to share these memories with others. I write so I can have a visual of all my ideas. I write because it is required of me. Sometimes I do not mind and other times I would rather watch paint dry. But the main reason I write is to have an escape. I write when I am upset, when I am joyous, and when I am indifferent to the world around me. Like most teenagers in their last year of high school, I disagreed with my parents weekly. They would yell, I would yell louder. They would not back down but I would eventually get so angry about the entire situation that I would storm off to my room. I would grumble under my breath on the way there about how “stupid” and “unfair” they were. Once in my room, I would sit on my bed and just vent to myself, out loud, about the horrible life I had to live. Then I would get tired of talking to myself and grab a notebook and a pen. There was no stopping until I got all the emotions and thoughts on to the page. Depending on the situation, I could fill up half to a full sheet of paper. After I finally had it all out, I felt drained, like the anger had literally flowed from my head to my arm and through my pen onto the…

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