Essay On Hitler's Rise To Power

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Adolf Hitler did not rise to power in one specific way or by completing one particular thing; he did numerous things to get him to be capable of becoming the leader of Germany. Hitler applied the Germans hatred towards The Treaty of Versailles and the damage it brought upon the country as a way for his rise to power. Hitler also utilized anti-Semitism, the Germans hatred towards the Jews as an ethnic and religious group as a way for his leadership to begin. Hitler used his persuasion for the Germans to follow his fascist behavior although Germany was a democratic country. Adolf Hitler used The Treaty of Versailles, anti-Semitism, and persuasion to rule over and dictate Germany. Firstly, the humiliating defeat of WWI caused the Germans to …show more content…
The German citizens living there agreed with Hitler’s dislike towards them and saw them as a target for what happened to Germany. Hitler convinced the Germans that the defeat of WWI was the Jews fault. Hitler did not have a valid reason for this but since anti-Semitism already existed in Europe long ago the German country agreed and believed what he was saying. Adolf Hitler believed that the Jews were an inferior race and that they were polluting the land of Germany and that the Aryan race was far more important than that of the Jews. He believed that if he got rid of the Jews Germany would become a better country and he persuaded the citizens of Germany to believe what he said. Most of what Hitler had against the Jews been invented and not actual fact but using his persuasion he convinced the entire country of Germany to trust and deem what he is saying as true. Hitler also convinced his people that the start of the poor economic state was the Jews responsibility for some Jews were such rich business men they must have caused the entire country’s economy to be poor. With Germany’s vulnerability at this point being vulnerable at this time, they believed Hitler’s make believe ideology that the Jews were to blame for everything that happened to Germany. (add your

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