The Reality Of Reality Television Essay

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Even if you do not watch reality television, odds are that you know who Taylor Swift is dating or have tried the Kylie Kardashian lip challenge. In fact, reality television has consumed not only are televisions, but magazines, and even the news. Reality TV was born on May 21, 1992 with the premier of The Real World, ever since reality TV has become America 's new guilty pleasure. Americans and society as a whole is obsessed with reality television, and have even become infatuated with reality stars. Reality shows have flooding the television industry, with over 2000 shows on the network today. Reality shows pull a huge clientele with the diversity of shows, such as The Bachelor, American Idol, and Dance Moms. There is a reality show out there for everyone. American society today has been both affected and changed by reality TV, however, this effect not a positive one. This fascination with reality shows have distorted Americans views on physical image, different cultures, and society 's view about the “real world”. Reality TV portrays a distorted idea of physical image. Cast member of reality TV shows often have the so called “perfect body”. They are labeled and depicted by their chiseled abs, robust breasts, and flawless skin. Botched, a plastic surgery show on the Entertainment Network, shows people spending millions of dollars in order to change and “correct” their physical appearance. Shows like America 's Next Top Model, gives the impression that a woman 's value is…

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