The Questions Posed Should Be Reflective Of Your Goals And Should Appeal

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The questions posed should be reflective of your goals and should appeal to a large audience. Committees always want to know your potential and if you can convey your ideas effectively. Before starting, find out what most interest you, not you advisor nor anyone else. If no ideas come to mind, refer back to previous studies for ideas. Develop your questions, and don’t be obsessed about perfection; a lot of factors in field work are out your control, so try several experiments at once, and work with what is most promising. There are two ways to picking a project, you can start with your scientific question or start with the natural system, and it make sure to meet the criteria either way. Not everything has been solved—keep this in mind! The type of system you need will depend on the questions you pick. Either look at the system then make a list of questions or quantify a pattern that you observe asking if it’s a natural variation. List potential mechanisms and way to collect evidence to test their strengths. Think about how you can answer question as completely as you can. The more it is, the more influential and accepted you work will be. Go with the flow of your organisms. Great discoveries can be surprises. Be opportunistic.Questions you ask definitely influence what you can learn. There are different ways of doing so that include observing patterns, manipulating experiments, and model building. Observing is becoming less common, instead most inspiration comes from…

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