The Quest Of The Historical Jesus Essay

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The ‘quest ‘ of the Historical Jesus is a terminology used to describe the historical analysis of Jesus during his lifetime and looks at the extent with which the Historical Jesus and the Christ of Faith can be severed from each other. A terminology first introduced by William Montgomery, different Historical Jesus scholars have theorized different approaches with which to go about studying the Historical Jesus. For example, the ‘New Quest’ introduced by Ernst Kasemann tries to use the Gospels to find information on the Historical Jesus while the ‘Third Quest’ introduced by N.J. Wright stressed the importance of Eschatology. In this essay, I will be comparing the effectiveness of using Jesus’ sayings for Historical Jesus research with the effectiveness of his actions or the events during his lifetime.

Many scholars such as Joachim Jeremias, C.H. Dodd and members of the Jesus seminar believe that focusing on the sayings of Jesus is essential in pursuing the quest of the Historical Jesus. These scholars believed that the authentic sayings of Jesus would unravel the characteristics and beliefs of Jesus ‘the teacher and parabler’. They also felt that the best way to validate Jesus’ deeds was to see whether these actions corresponded with his beliefs i.e. if his deeds illustrated the patterns that his sayings suggested. Delving further into said patterns, it is accurate to assume that one can deduce certain traits about Jesus and his ministry through his sayings. For…

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