The Pursuit Of Universal Healthcare Essay

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I want to be the kind of doctor that offers guidance to my patients rather than dictates. What matters to my patient is more important than my personal decision. I want to know my patients and not just let them be a number. After reading about the two neurosurgeons Gawande 's dad talked to, it became more clear what kind of doctor I wanted to be. One of the neurosurgeons became annoyed by all the questions his dad had and acted like he knew best, whether or not the patient liked it. This paternalistic style of practice might have worked at a time when medical care was scarce, but in the US where a majority of people have access to medical care, the quality of the care is valued just as much as the treatment.(add) The pursuit of universal healthcare should continue to be sought without the deterioration of the interpersonal doctor/patient relationship. I currently work as pediatrician at the Lyndon B. Jensen Hospital. I am a big advocate for universal healthcare and was ecstatic to see the Affordable Care Act put into law. The Act gave everyone more options to get affordable health care, whether that be through private insurance companies, government issued insurance, or through medicare/medicaid; and the act also injected more money into the healthcare system. That extra money comes from taxes mostly on the wealthy, pharmaceutical companies, and a small percentage comes from hospitals that participate in medicare. Along with an increase in access to medical care, there…

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