The Pursuit Of Love: The Hero Of The Iliad

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An ‘epic’ poem is a lyrical narrative about a significant event. An epic poem usually features a hero and is a way to record the history of a culture. The Iliad is an ancient Greek epic poem created by Homer around750 B.C. that illustrates the Trojan War. To give a thorough, detailed, and specific view of the literature, this essay will respond to the meaning Areté; explain why Achilles, hero of the Iliad, cannot fully live in Areté; clarify, specifically, how that manifests against Hector; describe how Priam help Achilles reach Areté and why was it so important to the ancient Greeks that Achilles learn this lesson. As a final point, examine my own greatest internal challenge that I must conquer to live with Areté in my life. According to the text, the term Areté refers to “reaching one’s highest potential” or “virtue”. In other words, being the best that you can be. A good example of this would be in the movie The Pursuit of Happiness with Will Smith. The Pursuit of Happiness is a movie based on the life of Chris Gardner. Mr. Gardner …show more content…
Priam displayed his overwhelming grief for his son Hector to Achilles. Remorseful and sympathetic, Achilles consoled Priam. To help prevent any further ill feelings between the two, Achilles decided to do something decent. Achilles cleaned up the defiled body of Hector and delivered him to his father Priam for burial and the two ate dinner together. By showing sympathy and decency, Achilles was able to reach Areté.
Achilles was born the son of a goddess Thetis and the Greeks perceived him as a hero. So for him to reach Areté was important for the ancient Greeks. The Greek view of how the gods valued human life is an indication of how the Greeks valued human life. After Achilles’ noble act to Pariam and Hector, it demonstrated how he merits human life. By reaching Areté showed that Achilles thought highly of human life and not devalue

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