Achilles In The Iliad

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The development of the epic Iliad is highlighted within the characters, plot and setting of the story which is written at a different time than the story took place. One of the most important characters of the story, Achilles follows that trend of character development throughout the plot. His role as a warrior of the Greeks under the authority of Agamemnon is constantly challenged throughout the epic and ultimately shapes the outcome of the Trojan War. Achilles role as a Greek hero during the epic helped the Greeks defeat the Trojans by proving his toughness and excellence as a leader and fighter following his un-heroism that he showcases in the beginning of the Iliad.
The Trojan War was a very long and brutal war that went on for many years.
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This event sparks the heroism and passion that Achilles had for Patroclus who is now determined to kill Hector and win the war for the Greeks. As Achilles comes upon Troy to the shock of the Trojan army, the fighting will become very fierce. Achilles murders many men as he disposes them in the river Scamander as the Greeks start to march on the city of Troy where Achilles will duel Hector. The arête that Achilles possesses at this point of the story is extraordinary. He himself fasts while the rest of the army is able to eat in order for the army to be as well fed as possible. Achilles did not possess this heroism earlier in the story as his role of a hero developed throughout into eventually becoming the hero of the text by stabbing Hector who he had sworn to kill following Patroclus’ death. The pure rage that Achilles shows fighting for his life in order to reach the city of Troy portrays the excellent qualities Achilles had as a hero and leader of the Greek Army, “he falls upon the latter with great slaughter: takes twelve captives alive, to sacrifice to the shade of Patroclus; and kills Lycaon and Asteropeus.” (Bk 21, Ins, 2-4, p. 615) Nothing was going to get in Achilles ultimate triumph on Hector whose body was tortured by Achilles who begged him not to which Achilles laughed at. Achilles had …show more content…
I believe Homer intended for Achilles to develop this way in order for us as a reader to understand the development of the character and the overall evolution of Achilles’ heroism. He is able to achieve his revenge killing Hector by showcasing his strengths as a warrior and leader of the Greek Army which was weakened when he took over the reign again. Achilles also shows grief towards Priam, Hector’s father, in giving him the body he had held onto showing that he wasn’t a cruel man a heart but yet, a man of passion that showcased excellent heroism at the end of the

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