The Purpose Of The Hollaback ! Kickstarter Project

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The purpose of the Hollaback! Kickstarter project by Emily May and Oraia Reid is to promote the Hollaback! app. An example of the promotion of the app is in the mission statement of the project; it reads, “Hollaback! is a movement dedicated to ending street harassment and assault using mobile technology” (May and Reid para. 1). I want to bring your attention to how the author uses the keywords "mobile technology." Since there are other ways to combat street harassment, by including the terms "mobile technology," they shift the focus to be about the app. The creators are trying to promote and spread awareness about the app in the context of ending street harassment. Another way the authors promote their app is when they declare, “By collecting …show more content…
Kickstarter project is iPhone users. For example, at the $50 pledged mark, the creators emphasize that, “You will [...] get a Hollaback iPhone cover," and as the pledge amounts increase, the backers receive the iPhone cover and the iPhone app (reward column). We can see that the creators are expressing interest in iPhones and the owners of iPhones, and by giving iPhone covers and apps to backers, they define their audience as iPhone users. We can see with the primary audience of iPhone users, that the Hollaback! campaign is geared toward people who are financially well off, since they can afford the phone and phone plan. Later in the update section, we see the defining of the audience again when the creators excitedly announce, “The iPhone [...] apps are here! After more delays than we thought possible, the iPhone [...] apps are finally here!” (updates section) How does this language illustrate my claim? Well, notice how the creators use "iPhone" and "apps are here" twice. In order to use the product, a person must have an iPhone, thus the creators define their audience. By making an iPhone app and by rewarding backers with iPhone cases, the creators of the Hollaback! Kickstarter clearly define their primary audience as iPhone users.

The creators of the Hollaback! Kickstarter project comes close to their audience by using the comment section. For example, in the comment section on July 1, 2010, the creators write:
The iPhone
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– Mobile and Social Innovation, “A Movement Brought on by an iPhone App” The Hollaback! 2.0 platform transforms girls, women and LGBTQ individuals into open-source activists with the touch of a button. Participants can submit photos and experiences of harassment through three easy portals: a) the Hollaback! mobile app, b) a text form, and c) directly to the Hollaback! website, which will also be accessible to other smartphone users through their mobile browsers, and will link to our dynamic mapping system. We’ll track street harassment through data points to quantify and communicate its impact to legislators. (para.

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