The Purpose Of The Hollaback ! A Short Note On Project By Emily May And Oraia Reid

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The purpose of the Hollaback! Kickstarter project by Emily May and Oraia Reid is to promote the Hollaback! app. An example of the promotion of the app is in the mission statement of the project; it reads, “Hollaback! is a movement dedicated to ending street harassment and assault using mobile technology” (May and Reid para. 1). I want to bring your attention to how the author uses the keywords "mobile technology." Since there are other ways to combat street harassment, by including the terms "mobile technology," they shift the focus to be about the app. The creators are trying to promote and spread awareness about the app in the context of ending street harassment. Another way the authors promote their app is when they declare, “By collecting women and LGBTQ folks’ stories and pictures in a safe and share-able way with our soon-to-launch mobile phone application [...] that breaks the silence that has perpetuated sexual violence” (para. 3). We can see how the author gives praise to the "mobile phone application" using the words "safe and share-able." By using the word “safe” the creators want to highlight the positive aspects of the app. They also want to make people who have been a victim of sexual violence to feel that the app and Hollaback! group is a non-threatening place, that the damage is done and now support is here. By highlighting the app in the project, we can see that the purpose of the Kickstarter page is to promote the app.

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