The Public Museum Of Los Angeles, California Essays

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For this project I had visited The Getty in Los Angeles, California. The Getty is an open to the public museum that showcases paintings from all over the world from many different time periods. The museum also features sculptures, drawings, decorative arts, and even manuscripts. While at The Getty, there was much art to observe, but I had settled on three distinct pieces of art. All of the pieces of art were Italian and were created before the 1500s. The titles of the pieces of art are Branchini Madonna, Martyrdom of Pope-Saint Caius, and The Madonna and Child. The pieces were all great pieces of art and were distinct in their nature. The art gives insight as to how society was during that time and even can provide evidence of the technological capabilities of the society as well. The first piece of art, Branchini Madonna, features the Virgin Mary holding an infant Jesus. The Baby Jesus is seen reaching for his mother and also holding onto her veil. The painting had been completed by Giovanni di Paolo in 1427. The piece is Italian and features tempura and gold leaf on a panel. In the painting, Father God is pictured above the two and is signing of both blessings and judgement. There is also a dove which most likely represents the Holy Spirit. In terms of the artwork’s objects expressing the values of the society, the painting does a wonderful job of depicting the importance of The Baby Jesus and Virgin Mary. The painting had many effects achieved through painting over…

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