Leonardo Di Ser Piero Da Lisa Analysis

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Leonardo di ser Piero da Vinci is known as Leonardo da Vinci or even da Vinci. Leonardo is called the Renaissance man to this day. Leonardo was born on April 15, 1452 in a farmhouse in the hill of Tuscany outside the village of Anchiano, which is present-day Italy. He was the son of a respected Florentine notary named Ser Piero da Vinci. His mother was a young peasant woman by the name of Caterina. Leonardo was raised by his father and stepmothers. When he turned five, Leonardo moved to father 's family estate near the town of Vinci and lived with his uncle and grandparents. Leonardo received little education beyond the basic reading, writing and mathematics. Even though he received a limited amount of education, Leonardo’s artistic talents were visible from a young age. At the age of …show more content…
This work was requested by Lisa’s husband Francesco Del Giocondo. Both Lisa was from a well-known family through Tuscany and Florence. Francesco was a very wealthy silk merchant. This work was to celebrate their home’s completion.Not only was it a celebration to their home, but the celebration of the birth of their second home. This painting is a mystery that continues to stand. It is questioned about the subject or sitter in the painting. It is said that it could possibly be Princess Isabella of Naples or da Vinci’s own mother. Another argument is that the subject wasn’t a female at all but Leonardo’s long time apprentice Salai dressed in women’s clothing. Photographs taken with invisible infrared light and a special infrared camera show things that we have missed before. For example, the “Mona Lisa” is famous for the sitter’s calm smile, but there has been suggestions that the image may not always be restful. Through the light, people seen one hand was clenched together rather than relaxed and calm. Scientist said that the painting was created by using many extremely thin layers of

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