The Psycho Of The World 's End : How Have Horror Movies Changed Over Time?

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From Psycho to The World’s End: How Have Horror Movies Changed Over Time? You’re taking a shower at The Bates Motel. Out of the blue, creepy music starts to build up in the background. You see the silhouette of a man with kitchen knife through the shower curtain. The music keeps building up, stronger by the second. He opens the curtain, and you’re stabbed to death! On the other hand, in 2015, a group of friends gather at a bar to run through 12 pubs in a day. During the pub tour, they encounter alien androids, which begin to hunt them down. They are chased through all the pubs, encountering even more androids along the way. When they reach the final pub, they trigger an explosion that sends the world back to the Dark Ages. Can you tell how different a movie from 1960 is from one created in 2013? The change on what people consider horror movies has drastically changed. How did we go from a murderer in a spooky, black and white hotel to androids haunting pubs? Movies such as Psycho, beautifully crafted in 1960, where a woman gets attacked in a shower, have a cult following despite how long ago they were made. It was crafted down to the slightest details, where everything was directed to create a sense of fright toward the audience. The music would contribute to every single scene, foreshadowing what would happen, while still keeping people on the edge of their seats. In contrast, movies like the new Evil Dead are not as enticing as the old ones. They have reverted to things…

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