The Pros And Cons Of The New Testament

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The New Testament is the second part of the Bible which was originally written in Greek. It records the life and teachings of Jesus –Christ and his disciples. It is composed of four Gospels (Mathew, Mark, Luke and John), the Acts of Apostles, and twenty-one epistles by St. Paul and a book of Revelation as well. According to Ehrman (2012), THE New Testament is also composed of books that were thought to be written by Jesus’ own apostles.
The first four books contained in the New Testament are Gospels – which means good news. They proclaim the good news by telling stories about Jesus’ death and life, his ministry, miracles, teachings, last days, crucifixion, and resurrection. (Ehrman 2012, pg.8). What (what kind of thing) is the Bible?
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As there are copies of the ancient documents, these not are not 100 % perfect because they might contain some copyist errors. But it is important to know that the fact that are certain copies might contains errors – this does not mean that the entire Bible is not trustworthy or contains mistakes. In general the Bible is very reliable. What do we expect to find in the Bible?
God gave us the privilege and the opportunity to know him more. The Bible tells us everything we need to know about God and what his will is for our lives. The Bible contains the truth, the way and life, as God himself said “I am the way, the life and the truth, (John 14, 6). For what purpose are we reading?
I think the purpose of reading the Bible is to know God, his word and will for our lives. We read the Bible to be in communication with God. As said in John 1:1 “In the beginning was the word, and the word was with God, and the word was God”, God himself is the word and in order for us to know this word we need to read the Bible. As Christians, we need to feed our spirit the same way we feed out human body, and the best way to feed our spirit is by reading the Bible which deepen our personal relationship with God. Another purpose of reading the Bible is because it gives us the ability to distinguish the truth
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When we read the Bible, it is also important to reread any paragraph or chapter that we do not seem to understand or does not make sense to us – this will help in avoiding false interpretation of the word of God. A Bible verse that retained our attention while reading should be written down because it is also of great importance to know the word by heart. By knowing what God says in his word by heart, it will help us in prayers because sometimes it is good to remind God of his promises and

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