Cell Phones Effect On Society

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Cellphones are more important today than ever before. They can do anything from a being simple calculator to surfing the web and aid in writing a paper. Laptops are just as handy, for you can an entire computer with you everywhere you go. Tablets and e-readers are something that is fairly new. They are similar to computers, but look more like cellphones. You can still surf the web, chat on social media, and write a paper, but you can’t make phone calls. With all the different forms of technology, there is no way to completely rid yourself of it.
Occasionally it can be a challenge for individuals to discover who they are and express their feelings. The internet can help with this issue. Some individuals agree with these authors that the internet can provide
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You can communicate so much faster to get the job done, then a delete button is always at your disposal. Social media has become something that we all use.
As a parent trying to accomplish housework, homework, or just simply talk to another adult, we tend to give our children our phones to hush them up until further notice. It makes things a little simpler than constantly having to discipline the child causing him or her to throw a fit, for they aren’t getting their way. With the society that our children are growing up in, they need to be able to adapt to multiple changes in technology. Although our children need to be able to use technology, they need to learn how to not depend upon it. According to Dr. Joshua Straub our children are becoming dumber, more self-centered, and tend to care less about others. (2013) Children put more thought into their Facebook posts or their text messages than they do their homework. Give a child a phone and that’s all they will ever know how to do. They will grow up and won’t be able to communicate with others unless it is over some sort of screen.

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