The Pros And Cons Of Public Schools In America

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The public schools in America are in need of some reforming. Classes are overcrowded, the children are treated like prisoners, and the school is full of processed food and sugar-filled drinks. The public school system of the United States does not function properly. Parents need to be involved in the decisions about how money is spent by the school to fixes these issues. My average class size consisted of about thirty children to one teacher, so the teachers were always spread so thin. They did not have enough patience or attention for so many students.
Students who fell behind were left behind; when that happened the students would disrupt classes, talking or goofing off, because they were not able to keep up. Then the teacher would get upset and then the child would get transferred into a special class. This class was for children with behavioral disorder and learning disorders, again there was another teacher who not able to tend to every child. So then the children in the special classes were just passed to the next grade, even if they were not where they needed to be academically to do so.
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They need to come together and help to make decisions on what the school spends money on would help all of these concerns. If they got to vote on where to spend and where to cut funding the school would be held to a higher standard. They could safeguard their children from falling behind, feelings of being incarcerated, and pressures of big companies who are marketing to them. They could also make sure that their children would get a better balanced and healthy diet, which could save their lives, whenever they are at school. U.S. public schools have the biggest part in raising the next generation of the United States of America they should be held to a higher standard, so that we have a more intelligent, stronger, healthier, and more loving nation for years to

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