The Pros And Cons Of Online Shopping Vs. Traditional Shopping

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. This just shows how quick it is to get the item without having to wait for a period of time just to get the product later than wanted. Traditional shopping is very hands-on. This means that the customer gets to hold the product and feel it. This is important since you can evaluate if it will fit you properly because some brands have different sizes. Products from stores near you are easier to return. The Cons compared to online are few, but they pack a punch to customers. Two big issues are Availability, and travel. Most of the time, customers have the problem of going from store to store just to find the item that isn’t there. There is a possibility that customers will end up empty handed in their pursuit of the product. …show more content…
After finished making the website, you have to do the funding for the business. The most popular way of starting up the business is called “Bootstrapping”. Bootstrapping is the method where the funds are self-funded in the beginning and eventually the funds will come from the customer’s revenue. The pros and cons of online shopping are much more complex and interesting than traditional shopping, not only these occur in the real world, but also in the internet world. Online shopping is extremely convenient and easy. There’s no need to get dressed and waste gasoline to go to the store just to “buy” an item that has a chance of not being available. Also, the customer can just search for the item they want to purchase and it’s easy as that. Online shopping is considerably cheaper than the traditional shopping. On the internet, majority of the prices you find are either the actual costs of the item, or cheaper than the prices found in stores. The only thing that is added is the shipping price. An online store is open anytime. Shopping can be done anytime of the day or night, even after curfew. Online Stores have a much bigger inventory than those traditional

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