Bad Parents Research Paper

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No kid’s life is complete if they don’t have on thing in their life, a parent. Parents can be the best people to have in the world. They can help with a bad break up, they can help with financial issues, and they are there to help no matter what. In the midst of all of good parents however, there is a special group of parents that may not help the kid the way a parent should. The hot head, the helicopter, and the obsessive-compulsive parents are parents that will cause only more problems.
Some may call it the bipolar parent, or the two-sided parent, but the hot head parent can put an abundant amount of strain on a kid’s life. Never knowing if they’re going to get blown up on for not taking the trash out, or doing the dishes. Having a hot head of a parent isn’t fun and trust me I have the worst of one. I decided to bring my mom out for her birthday last year and had a really good time, but the second we walked back into my house it seemed like everything from that night was forgotten because I didn’t “hang my shirt up the right way.” It just happened so fast I didn’t even have a
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These types of parents are always on top of their kids about homework, micro-managing everything they do, or even hovering around them when it comes too sports. These types of parents can though be helpful when it comes to school and sports, but they risk pushing their child over the edge with too much support. My ex-girlfriend was a victim of a helicopter parent. Yes, she did good in school, but the second she got tired of her mom telling her what, when, or how to do everything she lost it. She was staying out late and started doing poorly in school, so she basically started doing the opposite of everything her mom wanted her to do, and this ended up causing a lot more problems then they both needed. Parents are supposed to help guide their kids through life, but not be on their backs while they go through

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