Supportive Parents Research Paper

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Many parents do not support the athletic lives of their teens. They aren’t building a good relationship because they’re unsupportive and it impacts teens in many ways. Any supportive parent needs to be a part of their teen’s life and support them or at least try to. Showing support in the lives of your teens builds stronger relationships.
From myself having the support in all areas around athletics from being driven to practices, cheered for in the stands, taken to team dinners and etc., I know the benefits that come from having support. Seeing other parents supporting their teens on the team as well gave me insight on how most teens with the love and support of parents helped them do better and want to work harder. At the same time, there are kids on the team who are not supported and I know this because they have told me so. It is a common issue that many teens feel their parents don’t care, don’t approve what they’re doing, or feel too forced in their athletics It is appalling that there is so much ignorance from parents to their kids about showing support. It really hurts many and makes them sad, angry, bitter, unhappy and stressed and feel a lack of being cared for. You may not show support because you have no interest in the sport, but that isn’t a reasonable justification for not rooting your teen on and their team. Your teen can know
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Because you don’t understand the sport, dislike the sport, wanted your teen to do something else, don’t like that your teen or their team isn’t as successful as you wish are not justifiable reasons for not giving support. Your teen will instead appreciate you more if you are there for them, allow them to be happy, and not turn away from them. They will build much better character and stronger relationship with you. This will all start through simply supporting your teen and caring for them always and while making sure they’re

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