The Consequences Of Concussions In Sports

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Concussion We have seen it in sports from time to time, the graphic images of head contact that makes one cringe in competitive games and recreational games. Urban dictionary states that a “concussion is a temporary unconsciousness caused by a blow to the head. The term is also used loosely as "the after effects such as confusion of a temporary capacity”. In the movie Head Games directed by Steve James, the documentary follows football players and hockey players. The former professional wrestler and Harvard graduate Chris Nowinski is on a mission to uncover the truth about the consequences with sports that have a great deal of head contact. The changes that can be made in sports to benefit the player and families from future concussions, …show more content…
CTE stands for chronic traumatic encephalopathy and it is a progressive deteriorating disease of the brain mostly found in athletes. CTE is repetitive brain trauma, containing symptomatic concussions and asymptomatic sub-concussive hits to the head. CTE is a major health problem in collision sports, especially when one ages. The National football League (NFL) already has a bunch of player that has experience CTE and has lost their lives from it. Players like Mike Webster, Frank Gifford, Dave Duerson, Tyler Sash and more. Tyler Sash is the most recent and youngest victim to receive the disease and die from it. What can we do to make collision sports safer for kids so they do not get a concussion? Teaching the fundamentals of the sport would be a great start so as to minimize the risk. The best way for kids to avoid sports related concussions is mastering the techniques of that sport, teach the child balance and encourage harmless plays on the field or court (good sportsmanship). Another way we can make it safer for kids is having a coach that really understands concussions and will not endanger ones child just to win. Also, educating and creating awareness to the child about the risks and dangers of the game, about concussion and help them to understand the safety fundamentals; knowing when to take a chance and when not to take chances while playing. In additional, kids should not play contact football until they’re fifteen? This is very important as their neck muscles are not fully developed and therefore it increases their chances of experience concussions on the field. Parents are the first role models for their children and their behavior will be absorbed like a sponge. Therefore their attitude towards sports is under microscope and so what a parent says about winning or losing should be cautiously communicated in a positive, fostering, mentoring, encouraging, respectful and unselfish manner. One can never underestimate the power of words and

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