Analysis Of Teenage Wasteland

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Every parent does the best that they can to help and protect not to imprison and hinder. Many may say being too overprotective can make a person feel smothered while others think it’s just being safe. It also, can make a kid feel untrustworthy of what decisions or choices one’s child might make. One important thing in a kids’ life is to have a strong unbreakable bond between them and the parents, even when things gets difficult for them both. One important thing in a parent life is vice versa and encourage them to go in the right direction. For example, a strong, healthy connection to one’s child and the parent is important in a child’s development through adolescent, but parents try their best to maintain this bond, even in tough situations. In “Teenage Wasteland,” Anne Tyler uses characters and
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Coble(Daisy) and Donny (the son) which reflects upon reality. Some parents are called to have a conference with the principal, and they either tell them they are behaving badly, sleeping, and plenty more. In fact, Mrs. Coble was requested a conference from the principal about her child, and when she got there the principal told Mrs. Coble that Donny was noisy, lazy, and disruptive; always fooling around with his friends, and he wouldn’t respond in class. Mrs. Coble and Mr. Coble have done what they could, and whatever they could think of. Furthermore, they don’t let Donny watch TV on school nights. They don’t let him talk on the phone till he’s finished his homework. But he’d tells them he doesn’t have any homework or he did it all in study hall. So, everything Mr. and Mrs. Coble are doing is to help him improve in school, a least this is what they think. Mr. Lanham’s suggest that Mrs. Coble check Donny’s assignments every day. She starts to next to him as he worked, trying to be encouraging, as she noticed all the mistakes Donny made in Math and in

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