Love And Allusion In Robert Hayden's Those Winter Sundays

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The Sundays We Rarely Live
Opening the doors to the smell of cocoa (gerund) that fills the air mixing with the cold air rushing in behind, shivers run up my back. Through the smell, I can hear laughter and chattering in the family room, quiet enough to hear the crackling of the fire that brings warmth to my bright red nose and ears. I then walk in to see my siblings and parents beam with joy as they see me approach. While I bask in their love, I know that some walk into their home and don't feel joy and laughter when the doors open. In the poem “Those Winter Sundays” (prepositional phrase) by Robert Hayden the son is scared, fearing his father and the strained past that lingers in the house. The bond that the father and son share is the fire the father builds every morning to keep his son warm. The deed goes unnoticed. Robert Hayden used allusions and repetition in his work to express the bond between the father and son through the fights that left damage, but
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The allusions to stories in Greek mythology, in the Bible and the questioning of love assds a deeper meaning to a great poem. The repetition of sounds, words and phrases adds a somber feeling and the difference the father and son have. This poem reflects on single fathers trying to do everything and keep everyone content with every situation. Throughout the United States, 25.8 percent are children living with just a mother or father. There possible lies a strain or chronic anger between the relationship of child and parent, child fearing the past that caused the angers. Parents should always love their children through thick and thin and provide for them. Because some didn’t experience walking into a room of people who love them, all they have might be a father or just a mother, but that parent loves them and they will soon realize

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