Themes In 'My Father In The Navy' By Robert Hayden

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Parent child relationship is very sensitive. The theme of the two poems “My Father in the Navy: A Childhood Memory” by Judith Ortiz Cofer and “Those Winter Sundays” by Robert Hayden shows the ‘Father’ plays an important role in the upbringing of child and sacrifices his days and nights in hard labors or services in order to provide the needs of his beloved children. Similarly a child returns a father’s love and care by showing his/her admiration and affection. . “Those Winter Sundays” is a story of a hardworking father and his son. The son realizes the love that the father bestowed upon him, but too light, still the lines of the poem depicts the appreciation and admiration that the child
The speaker in the poem describes the personality of
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The speaker utilizing the first person ‘I’ to informs us that the father is busy in blazing the fires in order to provide warmth to the family. The speaker comments upon the poor conditions that they were suffering from. The poet describes his fears, and personifies the house by mentioning the house’s ‘chronic anger’ while waking up and moving around the house. The technique emphasizes the poor condition of the family and the house.
The speaker narrates that the father would blaze the fire and when it was warm enough he would call us to enjoy the warmth of fire. The speaker would then move out of his warm blanket and join his father near the fire. In initial stanza the poet comments that nobody thanked him for his hard labor on Sunday. His routine on weekend shows that he is habitual to hard labor and is capable of taking care of his family, without caring for the blueblack cold even. The poet shows remorse and sorrow in the end of the poem where he describes the talks with his father. The speaker also mentions the care and affection that the father showed for his child. The father on his free day polishes the shoes for his child. The father is involved in a long week labor; the child is ungrateful and speaks in an indifferent tone. He realizes his lack of affection towards
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The initial lines set the tones of the poem where the poet admires the uniform of his father, who is a sailor. The poet expresses his mixed feelings in the poem. He shows the feeling of sadness while the father is away on his sea journeys and the emotions of joy when he sees his father coming back from work.
“Stiff and immaculate in the white cloth of his

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