Essay: Minimum Wage Vs Free College

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Everyone wants free stuff but at what cost? It seems to me that most people today want a hand out in one way or another. Two of the biggest issues I feel are in Minimum wage, and free college. Minimum wage is set as a base wage for workers without a trade, and not meant for someone that has a career. Free college is not a feasible option for this country but there are plenty of options to find a way to get into college. Everyone wants more, although that doesn’t mean you deserve it.
Minimum Wage. Should it be increased? I feel that it should, but not at the rate that people want it to. There is a large movement to change minimum wage across the country, but I know in my home state of Arizona it has passed. The minimum wage was about eight
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This is a prime example that some jobs pay more because of the stress or skill involved. But, why would anybody choose to be a paramedic if they can get paid the same amount of money as a cashier. There is no reason to ever progress if the government forces companies to keep upping the minimum wage.
Another huge movement is the free college movement. I know a ton of people that want free college. Free college is a nice dream, but it is just that - a dream. College cannot be free. I understand the idea of college being free and the want for it, but who will pay for it? Someone always has to pay. College is not a right. Yes, everyone can go to college, but it is up to you with how you attend. If you don’t want to pay for college, then you can either get scholarships, join the military, or not go. It really is that simple.
Scholarships are great, although I think they are extremely underutilized. I know a lot of people that feel like if they did not get a full ride scholarship to a certain college then the mentality is to not even try. Another thought process I have heard is that they are too hard or too time consuming. Even stating that they just aren’t worth the time it takes to complete. I don’t understand any of these

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