The Pros And Cons Of Immigration

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Nowadays, United States is the country that has a variety of cultures, races, etc. mixing together by having immigrants in the country. United States is wide open for people to settle down on this land and on that time there is no process for immigrants. However, in the middle of 1840 until 1880, immigrants started to come in the U.S. such as Irish and Chinese because of demanding of unskilled and cheap labors. In the 1920, automation replaced the unskilled labors as a result immigrant’s policy having limited quotas for immigrants to enter the country. Though, some groups of immigrants are acceptable to enter the country without limited such as British, German, Scandinavian, and Irish, other groups of people need to have a Visa. In 1965 to 1990, the law is now open for immigrant’s base on skill and residential status more than nationality. Because of the limited in quotas to enter the country, illegal immigrants are skyrocketing as a result the United States’ economic is affected from them either directly or indirectly. Immigrants can …show more content…
However, this kind of situation make low skill labors improve themselves to stay competitive in the market. For example, in the past low skill labor might not try to learn new things because there was a demand in low skill labor and employers were willing to pay them in order to have employees to do their jobs. After too many immigrants enter to the United States, low skill labor market is expanded and becoming surplus. Immigrant have to improve their skills in order to stay competitive as a result their employers will have a high skill labors, who create more productivities than before. Therefore, employers can pay immigrants in the same rate as before but they have higher skill employees, which is good to overall

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