The Pros And Cons Of Homeschooling

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Furthermore, there are better materials and opportunities for children at traditional schools. Schools are usually better equipped than home schools. They are better equipped in terms of facilities, materials, gyms, labs, and other apparatus. Often, within chemistry and physics, experiments need to be done, and the home is not a good environment in which to conduct these experiments. Traditional school children have the opportunities to compete with one another in sport activities, and gyms and tracks are well equipped to allow them to compete. They are therefore given an opportunity to excel within a particular sport and are entered into interschool competitions as well. These are opportunities that homeschoolers miss out on. Physical fitness …show more content…
Many feel that homeschooling is the better option and that it benefits the child in many ways. According to Berchelmann (2013), children who are homeschooled are not exposed to unhealthy peer pressure and bullying. They are therefore protected by their parents and kept away from the negative effects of bullying and peer pressure. Many parents feel that their children will be exposed to bad company and prefer to teach their own children, learning the morals and values that they share as a family. Parnel (2014) argues that parents are of the opinion that homeschooling provides a safe environment in which to teach children proper morals and values without being exposed to morals that are unacceptable. Furthermore, the author argues that homeschooling allows you to teach children at a pace that is suitable for them hence they will not struggle to keep up with other students and feel left behind. Education therefore becomes more flexible in order to give the child more time to comprehend the work being taught. Homeschoolers also develop an excellent relationship with their parents and trust is enhanced between children and parents. Many parents are concerned that their children might be exposed to drugs, violence, and other negative elements when attending traditional public or private schools. They are not pressured

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