Conflict Resolution Strategies

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When working in a team, conflict is inevitable. People have different opinions, ideas, they have misunderstandings, cultural differences, and many other reasons that can lead to conflict. Conflict can be taken negatively, but in reality conflict could have a positive impact on the team. It takes great leadership to manage conflict successfully. Some of the conflict management styles are accommodating, avoiding, collaborating, competing, and compromising (Meier, 2011).
Thomas, from Device Products Unlimited (DPU) had to hire a new human resources manager to deal with several conflicts that he was facing at his organization. The engineering supervisor called Abram, disciplined his employee named John for missing work often. John also filed a complaint because other employees missed work more often than he did, but nothing was done about it. Jon violated the
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This is appropriate to use when a quick decision is needed, when the outcome cannot be compromised, when the leader is correct and the other person is wrong, or when an important decision needs to be made such as cutting cost or downsizing (Eilerman, 2006). Using this approach with Jon must likely will result in Adam losing Jon as an employee, therefore it would be better to opt for another conflict resolution method.
The compromising style is also a good way to resolve this situation between Adam and Jon, however both parties will be losing something (Meier, 2011). Adam and Jon will need to find something that they are willing to lose. Jon for example, can lose a few days of pay and keep his job, while Adam can become more flexible and work some hours for Jon, forgiving him for what happened in the past. Adam will be willing to trade some of his needs to keep Jon in the good side and resolve their conflict immediately. This will only work as long as both parties are willing to work together for a conflict

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