The Problem Of Turing Pharmaceuticals Essay

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Harvey Mackay once said “Ethical decisions ensure that everyone 's best interests are protected. When in doubt, don 't.” (Mackay, n.d.) This means that people who are responsible for others welfare have to put others needs and wants before their own. Doctors Without Borders is faced with a tough decision that will affect numerous people. They need to either continue purchasing the medication, Daraprim, from Turing Pharmaceuticals or transfer their support to Imprimis Pharmaceuticals. Both companies have advantages and disadvantages to consider. However, because Turing Pharmaceuticals is able to supply Daraprim in bulk, have promised to reduce their price, and are planning to further research the disease toxoplasmosis, they are the better company to support. They are the company that will ensure everyone’s best interests are fulfilled. The most important issue in this scenario is that patients are able to get their medication on time. Turing Pharmaceuticals is able to ensure this because they can fill bulk orders of Daraprim. Toxoplasmosis is a disease that strikes hard and fast. Many people can carry the parasite dormant in their bodies but if it flares up into toxoplasmosis, it can kill the victim in four weeks if left untreated. The symptoms of toxoplasmosis are also not always immediately linked to the disease. Symptoms include light-headedness, fevers, and convulsions, similar to a stroke. (Walters, 2015) Patients can therefore often waste precious time being…

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