The Problem Of Social Media Addiction Essay

1224 Words Apr 21st, 2015 null Page
Social media addiction is becoming a legitimate problem in modern society. For example, you see families eat entire meals without making eye contact , moms missing precious time with their kids, and students getting behind in school, all because that not so important Facebook post, tweet, or Instagram picture. According to “Social Media Addiction: Statics & Trends”, over two billion people actively use social media worldwide, in fact, that’s twenty eight percent of the world population. People spend hundreds of dollars to get into highly praised events and end up watching the entire thing through their tiny cell phone screen, just because they can’t stand the thought of not putting it online. Putting the phone down is the first step in the complicated process of dropping this addiction. Social media is becoming a serious issue and people are just beginning to feel the consequences of this austere addiction. Many use social media to get closer to other people and sometimes that’s the case; but it is also having the opposite effect on people. We are losing important relationships with family and friends due to the fact we can’t go five minutes without using our phone, “When you find that you turn down plans to go out with people in real life to spend time on a social network, this may indicate a problem” (Gilbert 2). These websites were originally made to bring us closer to others, yet the opposite result is occurring. When online time takes over physical time spent with…

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