Essay on The Problem Of Police Service

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Scenario #1
Scenario number one begins with team one, my partner and I, we are assigned to conduct traffic enforcement in one area of the city. The next day is my partner and I were praised for a job well done; however, our colleagues in another sector were ridiculed for not making the standards. The second traffic team based our team’s success on the differences in product, the radar detectors, not our work ethic. Finally the second team threatened our team saying “you both better watch out because unfortunate things happen to keeners”.
The Conflict The type of conflict present in the above scenario is an intra-group conflict, the group being the police service both teams are employed by. Intra-group basically means a conflict between individuals part of an identifiable group. The threat uttered from team two was a definite implication of potential conflict. The initial spark of the conflict began when the Traffic Sergeant praised our team, team one, and ridiculed the second traffic team. Without the praise from the sergeant while in the presence of team two the conflict may have been avoided. Team two utilized a competition style approach in dealing with their disagreement with team one. Instead of confronting the issue-that team two wants new radar equipment and adequate praise from their sergeant-they confronted team one trying to get their own way through threats and name calling. The interests of team one consist of the well-being of both team members…

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