The Problem Of Organ Transplants Essay

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Organ transplants are a serious matter all around the world. Hundreds of thousands of people a day are constantly waiting for organ transplants. Many of those people will end up dying on that waiting list due to the lack of supply. This is because of the massive global organ shortage that is available for transplants. The huge gap between supply and demand has caused many people to look elsewhere for their organ transplants, even if it is through the black market. This type of problem happened in many countries, including Israel. Israel had a tough time with organ donations in particular due to many peoples ' religious beliefs. This made the supply even lower than usual. Many people in Israel were seeking out organs through the black market until there were new organ donation laws passed in 2008. Some Israelis were still skeptical to donate because organ donation was forbidden through the Jewish law. This is why in the Western world, Israel is considered to have some of the lowest organ donor rates. When it comes to supply and demand, Israel is extremely low on supply. In Israel there are around 600 people waiting for a kidney transplant but the amount of transplants actually done is no more than 110 per year. The list of waiting for a transplant rises by 10% to 20% every year. This is why organ trafficking was common in Israel before the law was passed. People would buy and sell kidneys, livers and other organs to each other. These patients would also often travel abroad…

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