The Problem Of Middle Level Education Essay

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A main concept or principle that exists in middle level education, more so than it used to be, is that it is all about the students. The reason that middle school was created in the first place was to be able to have this age range, develop the way they needed to. These students are very fragile, and very emotional. This concept is so important in helping students succeed. As a school system, we are structuring our planning and learning towards more

A student goes through many different developmental stages when becoming who they are. As teachers, we are supposed to be guides that help them with this process. A student can be going through emotional changes, social changes, physical changes, and so many others. I think we can all vouch for the fact that in middle school, all of us went through changes. There are hormones flooding through the body, and teachers need to help students get through this process. Teachers need to be leaders and organize structure through this time. The three specific changes I see in the classroom the most are emotional, physical, and social/moral. I feel that now compared to 20 years ago, moral has taken a big jump. Students have started experimenting with everything and it is getting worse every year meaning social media and wanting to grow up faster than before.

I believe as a teacher it is important to be an example of this in the classroom by always being dignified and respected as a role model of positive attributes. Physical change…

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