The Problem Of Bottled Water Essays

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“Water is one of those natural resources which those living in the Global North take for granted: turn the tap on and the water flows”. They do not need to think about where it comes from or whether it is connected to. It is like buying roast chicken in a supermarket. People do not always make the connection between a live chicken and the packaged end product, as in something that died in the process. With bottled water is happening the same, people buy it all the time, but they do not wonder what the process behind those bottles is, and the risk hiding inside the plastic bottles. Bottled water is the new trend of the decade, the reliable way to drink water. Even though it is more expensive per unit or gallon than tap water, even can be expensive as gasoline in some cities, just in the United States 28 millions of bottle of water are been selling every day, and mostly of the Americans do not worry about the environmental damage, and the human health effects.
Right now, most Americans have access to tap water, but it is only use for showers, clean, spray the plants, however it is just a minority that use it for consumption. That’s how and using the manufacture demand strategy, big companies such as Pepsi’s Aquafina and Coke’s Dasani attracted people. Showing pictures of mountains streams and pristine nature, making look tap water as contaminated and unhealthy water, as result they achieve the increase of bottled water sales. For example, one brand of "spring water" whose…

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