The Preparedness And Emergency Response Portions Of The Cycle

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1. Figure 1 represents the disaster management cycle as it is generally conceived. Describe the preparedness and emergency response portions of the cycle and explaining important concern of yours and how it could be addressed in different phases of the disaster cycle.
The Disaster Management Cycle is generally understood to be comprised of four cyclical components. These four deeply interrelated and symbiotic components include Preparation, Response, Reconstruction or Recovery, and Prevention or Mitigation. Each of these four stages relies upon the success and capacities built during the previous stage. The cycle itself is initiated by identification of risk events, which are intangible descriptions of a hazard to society and its likelihood that it will actually occur. The cycle then is a process designed to identify, plan for, and respond to manageable risk events in order to prevent events from becoming disasters.
While a layman’s review of the diagrams provided in this exam and elsewhere seem to indicate that the cycle begins with the Response phase right after a disaster event occurs, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Though it is frequently marginalized in importance, the very first step in managing disaster is the Preparation phase. Preparation involves the identification and evaluation of risks to society as well as establishing early warning systems and disaster management plans which account for the risk becoming a reality. It is important to note that…

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