Essay The Prelude - Original Writing

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The Prelude Before I came to Germany, I yearned for a life of my own. I remember like yesterday the it was a late october 's Afternoon, I saw Charles waiting for me. He was smoking his clove cigerttee. It was so nice to see him after being apart for almost a month. I have been parted for must longer. Charles had taken me to lunch at a nice restaurant in Hamburg, which is my 2nd most favourite city in the world. First being Berlin once more I felt like a heavy burden being lifted from my soul. You know those scenes of the old Rennisance movies where the person would kiss the ground of their home country. I did that. Yup I kissed the ground of the Berlin International Airport, and I have absoultely no shame so whatever. I couldn 't find Charles Alas ' he was outside blowing a fag waiting for me, as your no longer allowed in the airport due to the Terrorism international act. So I went to Starbucks. (Yes guys their are Starbucks in Berlin.) I ordered myself a Pumpkin Cheese cake and Oh my God it was a piece of heaven in my mouth; of course I also had to order the PSL (pumpkin spice latte.) Charles was outside in Black to head to two. They only thing that was not black was his beautiful blue eyes. I had my lugage two bags, on of those annoying roller things, and one over my shoulder. It was a nice cool day, I closed my eyes as the autumn breeze hit my face.

The New Dawn : Only 48 hours in Germany, my long time friend Evagline Schwarzen, I was talking to my father…

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