Essay about The Pregnancy Of Prenatal Vitamins

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Conceived sometime between New Year’s Day and Valentine’s Day my mother, Angela Butler, went into labor with me on October 4th; a day before my birthday and two days before hers. My mother’s pregnancy was uneventful; she didn’t have any serious complications. During her pregnancy her need for several vitamins increased, because she was now sharing nutrients with me, her baby. Prenatal vitamins provided her with supplements for the deficiencies in her diet as well reduced the risk of some birth defects in me. My mother, in her first trimester suffered from severe nausea, she could hold anything down. For over a month the only thing that she could stomach eating was oranges with salt. Her OBGYN recommended that she take tums to settle her stomach. She also suggest that she no eat greasy foods before bed, that she shouldn’t eat late at night, and also not lay down soon after eating to ensure that her food digested properly. When my mother noticed that she’d missed her menstrual cycle, she took a pregnancy test that let her know that I was on the way. After that she went to the Doctor to undergo other prenatal exams such as an ultrasound and a sonogram, further down the line during her pregnancy. At the time of my mother’s pregnancy she was not working, neither did she have health insurance. To receive prenatal care she visited Total Healthcare, a health facility near where we were living. There were no major complications during my mother’s pregnancy until her labor. She went…

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