The Practice Of Writing Essay

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According to Janesick (2011) journaling is a common practice among many professionals in differing fields, in addition to those writing in journals for leisure. The practice of writing in a journal could contribute to a number of attributes of a writer; specifically deepening ones self awareness. Hence, sharpening of ones own reflection, writing, thinking, and ability to communicate (Janesick, 2011, p. 154).
I never thought of journal writing as a tool for research or scholarly writing, but when it comes to qualitative research, I can see how it could be beneficial. Qualitative research is largely based on the thoughts, perceptions, and beliefs of the subject under study; so in essence, when one is journal writing they are both the researcher and the one under study (Janesick, 2011). In other words, writing in a journal allows one to remember important accounts of the day, that otherwise may be forgotten, how they processesd that incident, and the feelings that occured because of it. All such elements are important when understanding someone and the reasoning behind the beliefs, thoughts, and feelings (Janesick, 2011).
Reflective journal writing helps the researcher to go back, when need be, to important accounts in the history of investigating their subject, in their own enviornment (Janesick, 2011). One thing that I noticed while doing my first journal entry, was that I never sat down and adequately processed my thoughts about the day. In addition, when trying to find…

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